On Campus Outreach

Christ gave the commandment to “go into the world…” We are committed to not only reaching the farthest countries, but also those around the block.

Desert Chapel currently sponsors an annual Mission trip that includes work and evangelism teams. We also are engaged in supplying food locally to those in need; visitation to our local hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities, and regional distribution center for Toys for Tots program.

Desert Chapel is a community partner with the FIND Food Bank, which distributes 10+ million pounds of food annually to 90,000 individuals in the Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Harvest Festival is our safe, fun alternative to Halloween for families of our church, and the community.

Desert Chapel Distribution Center for the Toys for Kids program servicing Coachella Valley. We distribute, thousands of toys to needy families during one day in December just prior to Christmas. Volunteers coordinate, and bag the unwrapped the gifts by age.